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Sue De Laurentis: Training With Trust

Sue and her husband, Allen Pogue, are the owners of Imagine A Horse, and share a combined 36 years of experience in both training horses and perfecting their trick training methods. Sue and Allen are co-authors of a new book, The Trick Horse Companion, which is the most comprehensive source of information for animal behavior and trick training. Their unique methods are geared towards increasing the intelligence, adaptability, and predictability of today’s companion horse, while enhancing their relationship with their rider.

Sue is a long-time user of Manna Pro horse treats and a huge fan of how quickly and effectively they can be used to teach horses new behaviors.

Reward great behavior with Manna Pro

Manna Pro knows that horse treats can be used effectively in horse training if used responsibly - Our great tasting treats help reward progress and reinforce correct behavior in horses, regardless of your riding discipline.